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Hot Russian Bride

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attractive russian with orange bikiniRussian bride are known to be passionate. They are also known to be beautiful. There are literally tens of thousands of these women out there who would love to get the opportunity to marry someone from an English speaking country.

Various Reasons

Often the employment opportunities in Russia don’t meet their expectations. Many of these Russian ladies are well educated, yet the economic situation forces them to work in menial jobs. The only way they can get the chance to live and work in a country with better opportunities is by marrying someone from such a country.

Not Fortune Hunters But For Better Life

However, this does not mean these women are all fortune hunters. The majority of them simply want a better life.  Since the fall of the USSR the overall status of women in Russia has plummeted.  In part this is because of the instability in the economy, but part of the issue has been how Russian men reacted to the economic uncertainty and rapid political changes of the last twenty years.

Most men have responded by falling head first into the vodka bottle.  Russian men drink on a level that is hard for to appreciate even if you are from a hard drinking area like Scotland, Australia, and Wisconsin.  They drink vodka by the bottle, but they also drink industrial alcohol that was never meant for human consumption.

Meeting And Marrying – Find Reputable Company

For the man involved it would mean meeting someone that might be younger and more beautiful than he ever thought he would be able to marry.

Just make sure you arrange the introduction through a reputable company. There are some unscrupulous operators involved in this field. If you can get a personal recommendation, so much the better.

There are many companies that will only provide online the platform where you are able to meet the girls. What happens from there is up to you. You can view all their pictures and check out what their interests are before contacting them. If a relationship develops during your online chats, you can then arrange a personal meeting with the girl.

Other companies will do much more they will arrange for you to visit Russia personally and go out with a number of these women. This way you can make sure that the lady is what she professes to be and that you actually have something in common.

Even if you don’t marry one of them, meeting Russian women will be a great adventure. You will be exposed to a new culture and get to know many beautiful ladies.

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Hot Russian Brides

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Would it really be that weird to get a Russian mail order bride?

Some of those chicks I see online are smokin’ hot. Would it really be that strange to get a really hot 19 year old bride from the Ukraine that can barely speak english at all? I would have the hottest wife in the neighborhood, so how pathetic would I really be?

Actually “Mail Order” is a misnomer although widely used. The advertising is as guilty as the people that see the ads. But in all actuality what is the real difference between using, say; eHarmony or or the thousands of other local dating sites across the web. For that matter, what is the difference between that and meeting a ‘smokin hot’ girl on MySpace or Facebook?

The language barrier is a problem, but no more than if you met a Mexican, Puerto Rican, Spanish, Italian, German, etc etc woman from around the corner from your house. Even if one had a heavy accent would bring new trials in any relationship.

I am not condoning nor condemning the dating sites online, including the ones from Ukraine, Russia, Thailand or where ever. Different people meet people in different ways.

That being said, I was in the US Navy and traveled around the world and met many very nice, kind and smart women from all over. I eventually married a woman from Thailand, but I actually met her here in the states. We had our trials with the language barrier, and yes, she was smokin hot. We did however get divorced, but 22 years later.

So yes I think it would be cool to meet and marry a nice girl, whether she is from the US or Ukraine, I’ll decide if she is smokin hot.

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